Not as bad as people say.

User Rating: 7.5 | Digimon World 4 XBOX
I bought this game around when I was ten, and after seeing the reviews,I thought "ehh, I bought a lot of crappy games as a kid" and shook it off, but after replaying it it's not as bad as people say.

In the beginning, you can choose from 4 digimon(agumon, veemon, guilmon, dorumon) which can be evolved into stronger ones by doing missions. You are a DSG(digital security guard) that just has been assigned to find leomon's server, which later leads into a full blown battle between you and the x-virus.

The difficulty of the game in the beginning is extremely difficult, but as you keep playing, everything gets easier. Before the game, each digmon gets a weapon, which can be changed/upgraded as your digimon gets tech ups by attacking etc. There are also MP techniques(fire,power up, heal etc.) which can also be powered up by using them; Their usefulness depends on the technique itself. Understanding the controls are pretty easy and in a way simplistic,but not anything too horrible. The only completely useless button is the block button(block's duration is 1 millisecond, go figure). The graphics aren't really horrible, but they are nowhere near exceptional either, mostly mediocre. Same can be said about the music tracks.

When it comes to playing itself, it can get annoying at parts since there aren't any maps in some places, but in actual dungeons there are maps(which have to be found). Beating bosses is a bit bland since all there is to it is pressing the a button until it dies(when i faced lucemon, i expected having to go into it and attacking it's larva,but instead i mauled it to death). More creative boss battles wouldn't have hurt.

Another minor problem are some typos and messed up technique labels(calling blunt bash),but these aren't a big deal.

Overall, even though it doesn't seem like a good game,it kinda grows on you, and soon you start liking it, or maybe that's just me.