User Rating: 10 | Digimon World 4 PS2
Digimon World 4 is among my favorite games in the world. Despite that your main attack in Digimon World 4 is just a repetetive swing with your weapon, this game is plain awesome.Even though it's a story driven game, it's strong classic RPG streak is combined with it in a way that makes this game a blast to play. In the game, you start out with one of four level-one Digimon that you can choose from. Each Digimon has the same starting weapons, but each eventually gains different Digivolutions to use and has different MP abilities that they can get. MP abilities are the various ranged attack powers and healing and status effect abilities that Digimon gain over time. Each ability uses up some MP, which you have a limited amount of (you gain more as you level up and can recharge it at the Home Server and special "MP circles" which are fairly common in dungeons). As you defeat enemys, you can find all kinds of weapons that you can use, as well as finding BITS to buy armor and weapons from the shop. Despite it's repetetive, button-mashing gameplay, Digimon World 4 is an awesome game that anyone should definitely buy.