Gamespot is again wrong..

User Rating: 9.5 | Digimon World 4 PS2
Yes when you come to see this game in Gamespot , you will think low score.The truth is that this game is great! When i first saw this game i bought it immediately. First i played alone and it was kinda hard..Then my lil bro wanted play with me.With multiplayer this is better game than singleplayer.I like to play with friend and pass the dungeons,it's kinda team work.Graphics are good and beautiful,controls good,camera is only suck.Only bad thing is that the games storyline aint so good and there is not lot of different enemies.But there is sidequests and 3 different modes..Also lot of weapons and digimons to lvl.This is game where you need spend lot of time.I have played trough with normal and hard and going very hard.If you are huge digimon fan don't mind Gamespot cause this is good game just buy it !