Digimon World 4 [Dejimon Warudo X] Review: Graphics: 9.25/10 Sound: 7/10 Gameplay: SP: 8.5/

User Rating: 9 | Digimon World 4 PS2
The game is placed "after the events" of "Digimon X Evolution" - the movie of the TV show: Digimon
its a post apocalyptic Digital World controlled by the "X Virus" and the "Mecha-Rouges".
the game contains many secret map,skills and digivolutions.
the game contains around 30 dungeons
on the first time in Digimon World series the Digimons are able to carry a weapon with them and equip armours

you can complete the game 3 times (Normal,Hard and Very Hard) and its not getting boring because there are new things in each difficulty

VERY reccomended to play as Multiplayer even with the annoying camera (which BTW is costumizeable for its distance in the main menu) - i played 2 players but reccomended to play as 4 players and u gain more EXP

the game contains 999 levels (by Bandai - there is no one that published a digimon above level 850~ and its rare also)

each skill has 9999 levels and each digivolution has ITS OWN levels

- BEST RPG i saw for PS2