After gaining experience through the lasts DW's, BANDAI finally got the gold mine with DW3 , now they go all go all out.

User Rating: 6.5 | Digimon World 4 PS2
As a great admirer of DW1,2,3 and one of the huge public that just don't understand the bad reviews on gamespot about the jewels, I would say that this is a great letdown for me, the multiplayer is just great but it does not have any substance. Well, for the start there's only ONE HIT in the combos and a very limited amount of Digimon playable for a game like this - at least this would increase the attraction for it - ... Point by point now :

Graphics : 6/10
Well it's not THAT bad but cmon the PS2 hardware can do way better than this, the textures dont convinced me at alll =/

Sound : 5/10
Digimon W's games have a ''carrer'' loading epic and nostalgic musics, a very good arsenal, but DW4 is just meh... the sound effects are OK , the voices well, WTF ?? After seeing the dub part of DW2 I imagine that this would pretty cool on PS2 , at least the game-in cutscenes could be like this .

Story : 7/10
Unbelievable, the story is not a garbage !
Yep I found the story quite interesting and the character dialogues quite fun but somehow it doesnt appeal like the previous game to me , at least voice action could improve this seriously ;).

Multiplayer : 8/10
The only part where the game really do something decent, it's pretty cool to take your Digimon together with your friends to poke on some Digibad (WTH?) ,but it have its flaws like halveling your exp and also diminushes it, but it wont take the glory all away.

Gameplay : 4/10
For me is where the game really suc*s , as an action-RPG the RPG dont have much elements to keep you interested. The magic and skills have a TERRIBLE way to level up which consists of a repetitive and boring use of it,also, already said but you only have ONE SIMPLE ATTACK FOR EACH WEAPON ! ONE ! , and uh... a spiral attack that do not adds anything and its equal to whatever thing your using.

Replay value : 1?...5?...10? Its up you.
If you a have a taste for infinity levelling up and boring quests... GO FOR IT !

Some Notes :
One more problem... the HUGE loadings ... how a game like this can have so many little areas and so much loading between them? Cmon something go to be wrong . Also this is a Digimon game ! How the fuc* you 'GAIN' evolutions? Okay this sounded a little childish... OH! I cant forget , after using cards in DW1 (for medals and for trading for items) and DW3 (which have a pretty kicking as* battle card game) they are HERE AGAIN ! And guess what ... FOR NOTHING ! Just for the simple fact of collection... well I'll end it here.

Final advises:
It's not such a bad game, it have a fun multiplayer and a good story to get along ... but be aware Digimon lovers, this may a Digibad(WTF AGAIN?!) trap to catch your money !