Digimon World 4 is one of those games that seem hard to put down for quite some time.

User Rating: 9 | Digimon World 4 GC
When you start the game you choose one of the five rookie digimon in the game each of them start out with a different weapon styles blunt, crush, slash, blast(guns), bash, and stab. Your objective in this game is to save the digital world from the x virus I think. When you kill enemies in this game you get experience that gets you to level your digimon up and increase there stats. You can also equip gear to your digimon to boost there stats. Before you go to the first area Death Valley you learn the basics of the game in the tutorial.

This game is great for multiplayer because you can have up to three friends playing with you at once and you can give them weapons and other gear easily through the pause menu. In order to get better weapons in this game you have to raise the skill level that weapon falls in at first raising the level of it is slow but. it gets faster once you get a few levels in. Your digimon has to be a certain level for very good stat booster gear.

When you beat the game since there are only like six areas you can move on to the next difficulty level which is the same thing just with higher level monsters you can fight which offer a lot more experience then the monsters on the difficulty mode before it. You also have mp in this game and when you use a mp attack often you can level it up and make it better but, when you level it the attack or heal will cost more mp to use. Some digimon you can get in this game can heal everyone playing with you instead of only healing themselves.

You pick items up in this game you can also buy them items like hp disks, mp disks, gate disks, and much more items. If you play this game enough you can unlock mega level digimon through tough challenges with a high level rookie digimon. I would recommend this game to others it may not be the digimon game we were expecting but, it is a very fun and original game.