Digimon World 4 review by one of the top 3 collectors on GS

User Rating: 9.4 | Digimon World 4 GC
Now first I’d like to state that despite what “Official US Playstation Magazine” and some other GS reviewers say Digimon came out BEFORE Pokemon was even thought of. You may remember the tamogatchi fad of the early 90’s and you may not but I do, and I remember (and still have) “Digimon” tamogatchis and Pokemon didn’t come out until 1995 in Japan (1997 in the US)

OK, now I’ll get to the review…..

This game features a very nice mix of RPG elements but if I had to pick the most similar I’d have to say “Phantasy Star Online”
The elements consist of –
*NPCs for shops in the town and your commander and for various other in game activities
*a vast array of weapons to chose from including guns, swords, knives, axes, maces and more!
*leveling up each weapon use skill to enable the use of other more powerful weapons
*equipping armor, weapons and mods
*field exploring and dungeon crawling
*real time fights and EXP gain
*4 player co-op adventuring!
And more!

I’ll get more in depth now if you are still interested….
You (and up to 3 friends) start off by picking 1 out of 4 different Digimon to play as then you go into the digital world as a recruit of the digital peace core (the police of the digital world) only to find out that the digital world has been hit by a killer virus and the team has lost contact with the other servers and an exploration team that was searching an unknown server that mysteriously appeared and you (and 3 friends) are the only hope of getting to the bottom of this because everyone else was caught outside the home server when the virus hit.

Your first mission is to go to death valley (the new mysterious server) and find the team and the game begins…..

Now for some deep focused reviewing
*Best graphics I’ve seen in a while in a multi console game
*INSANELY FUN 4 player RPG action
*good BGM
*dungeon crawling at its best
*great customization
*a Digimon game!
*best Digimon world game yet
*great well put together story
*enjoyable gaming experience for all RPG fans not just Digimon/anime junkies
*hundreds of hours of play time

*semi-long loading times
*some attacks are tough to pull off in a pinch
*if there aren’t at least 2 of ya, you will lose and it will take forever to get anywhere……
*NPC menus are a smidge annoying and repetitive
*takes a while to get skills up

I would recommend this to all RPG fans that aren’t anti social and any Digimon fan and especially to dungeon crawler fans