Digimon World 3 a long way better!!!

User Rating: 3.5 | Digimon World 4 PS2
-What have they done with Digimon series?
When they started with the first Digimon game that was ridiculous and boring game. Then, they came up with the Digimon 2 and after staring playing i thought they were going through the right way and i got anxious for the next Digimon World. When Digimon World 3 toch my console and i started to play i thought that Digimon would have found just the right recipe for the success and i played Digimon over and over again. But, unfortunally, someone change the game drasticaly and came up with the horrible Digimon World 4.

-What's wrong in Digimon World 4?
Well, they didn't need to create a new kind of game just keep improving Digimon World 3, this is a very simple ideia in the game industry( Like Guitar Hero, for example, why change the game if it is really good).
Another point is the Digievolutions happen in a strange way, by my point of view fight in a dugeon to get a digievolution is ridiculous and desnecessary. Just level up and improve dark for dark evolutions and others more parameter, that's more entertaining.
There's more, when i watch Digimon TV series i never saw they fighting with weapons like blades, maul and a weapon shoting green laser, that's desapointing!!!!!
Almost forgot, the story is ridiculous and you can forget about it and keep playing and pushing the buttons to level up your Digimon.
Changing weapons and placing armor is boring, why they complicate such an easy and simple supossed to be thing?

-My contribuition:
I dream with a day when a perfect game about the Digimon World will be launched and in this dream i see a fusion of to games. Joining Digimon World 3 exploration, kind of story and level up system together with Digimon Rumble Arena 2 fighting mode with more tools in battle system. If you like Digimon you problably like Rumble Arena and joining with DW3 could be the perfect Digimon series for me.