It was ok I guess

User Rating: 10 | Digimon World 2 PS
I liked how the monsters looked like and the skills passed on to you when you DNA digivolve but I never really liked the time it took to level and than DNA which means you have to level over again like you started the game.
My favorite digimon is Machinedramon because you get to shoot giga cannons continously but mp runs out, but here some things I did'nt like.

1.They messed up so much with the game with the digimon levels
and all that. I'd seen every episode of the old digimon and the game was'nt perfect with the errors they made.

2.They make you level a lot which takes weeks to catch up.

3.Left out other attacks skills.

And thats all I have for this game. If your an rpg gamer than this game might be alright for you but if you not your going to throw this game away as soon as you play it.