One of my PERSONAL favorites!

User Rating: 8.2 | Digimon World 2 PS
Now, im not like alot of people. What most people think is bad about a game, I end up loving. This one being in that section of my mind.

So what is Digimon World 2? The three groups of Tamers live to protect the digital world, by defeating evil digimon and keeping the areas safe for people. With a recent rise in the amount of digimon though, new tamers must be trained. Thats where you come in.

You finish your basic training, and are then givven the choice of joining a group of tamers. The group of Vaccine Digimon, with Augomon as your faithful partner. Then you have the data type to consider, with the amazing Patamon. Or the destructive virus type, with the deadly demi devimon.

Which group decides what type of digimon you are allowed to let join your team. There are wild Digimon in the domains, and you have to get them to love you by givving them toys, then beat them and earn their respect. After that, they may join your team and you will have a new partner.

They system may not work though, as defeating the enemy may actually anger it and it will run away. Which is bad when trying to find a rare Digimon. Alittle into the game, you are allowed to catch all Digimon.

Now, whats so hard about getting a Digimon, training it, and have it Digivolve to full power? The fact that a Digimons power does have limits. Once the Digimon reaches full power, its exp needed bar becomes 999999999999999. You must catch another digimon, train it to equak strength, or very close to equal strength, and DNA digivole it for a new level 1 digimon. Though its once again in its weak state, its full power is raised afew levels, making it an even stronger foe once its retrained.

Fight your way through the levels, and who knows? Once day you may be the head tamer of a base one day?

a good hunk of my score comes from reviewers tilt because I like the game alot. You may notice the sound is low, because they don't sound that great.