Digimon World two is a very fun and addictive game so It would be a good buy.

User Rating: 8 | Digimon World 2 PS
At the beginning of the game you go on a practice mission in a domain with someone Else's digi beetle and digimon it is very easy. after that you get to choose which digimon tamer team you want to be in each with a different starter digimon there are Black Sword demi-devimon, gold Hawk agumon, and can't remember the third one but, if you pick it you get patamon as your starter digimon. Each team has access to different types of digimon to capture with items Gold Hawk vaccine digimon, Black Sword virus digimon, and third one data digimon.

You first start out with a very primitive digi beetle you will have to upgrade quite a bit as you progress through the game. The battling in this game is set up to were there can be three digimon vs three other digimon at the same time which is cool. The funny thing is that when you have a champion digimon, or ultimate, or mega, and use a rookie move your digimon will sound like a little kid because they talk often in battle when they use there moves. There will be a point were your digimon will stop getting experience that is when you should DNA digivolve it with one of your other digimon. When you DNA digivolve the digimon created is one stage behind the two combined for instance champion + champion = rookie.

The graphics in this game are pretty good about what is to be expected from a digimon game. You can go up ranks as a tamer in this game by beating other tamers which can give some nice prizes. I would recommend this game to anyone that like digimon or those that are interested in this type of game because it is just plain fun and a good way to pass time by playing.