A fantastic improvment from the original Digimon World game!

User Rating: 8.1 | Digimon World 2 PS
AIM IN THE GAME: To complete missions, to upgrade your Digimon and your Digibeetle.

Digimon World 2 is a fine example of how sequels are better than originals. The game was well improved in many different ways. It is still a role playing game, however, it takes a completely different aproach to Digimon than the first game.

The player is given a "DigiBeetle." You will enter different domains and, using enough "EP" you can get to the end, catching Digimon and training them.

There is definately an improvement in all aspects of the game. Gameplay, graphics and of course the value.

The multiplayer version of the game could be worked on... I can't even explain how terrible that is.

Unfortunately, Bandai seems to lack the ability to follow the original story of Digimon (TV Series) and not to copy Pokemon. The game is also not too good with sound, the Japanese voices are not dubbed in English.

The game fails to explain the aim of the game, which means the player has to figure it out himself. It also fails to explain controls but let's move on...



Great improvement in graphics. Fairly good for attacking and looks of the Digimon, but always seem to look rough.


Excellent style of gameplay that can be very addictive. SOUND: 6

The music is very, very good, but like I said before, the Japanese voices are not dubbed in English.


Probably worth it. Even if you didn't enjoy the first game, you will probably enjoy this. If you are stuck, you can easily look at some FAQ's on Gamespot.


Overall, it is great game that will take you a long time to clock so you will be hooked for weeks.

AND... unlike the first game... IT IS ACTUALLY CLOCKABLE!!!

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