Not good.

User Rating: 5.2 | Digimon World 2 PS
Bieng a Digimon fan the game utterly dissapointed me cause...

*Its hugely long... and not becuase it has that much content but because its a huge maze from which it will make you waste alot of your time finding out how to get out off.

*The graphic leave to muc to hope for... the attack animations in particular are the same but changed in colors for the different Digimons.

*The sound is straight of broken and sometimes it goes mute at the battle stages.

*Too much to remember or care.

If you a Digimon fan really... you´ll just waste your time... maybe they´ll fix it in the future but this game is just not good... not even as an RPG or anything in general. Use your time on something more productive don´t waste it with this game.