Digimon+Dungeon Crawler? Ehhh....

User Rating: 7 | Digimon World 2 PS
I would like to preface this by emphasizing that the Digimon World video game series really is only enjoyable for people who enjoy Digimon to begin with. Being one of those people, I own and enjoy them all.

That said, the gaming experience in DW 2 is pretty miserable if your just a gamer and irritating even if your a Digimaniac. One of the nice things about the first DW for PS was the semi-innovative gameplay. That went out the window as the digital world is reintroduced as a series of multi-level dungeons. That plus lifeless turn-based battles make DW 2 about as original as Chicken Noodle Soup (sorry that was a terrible analogy).

The storyline is OK, though not especially engrossing and often convoluted.

The system of catching Digimon, while adding another element to the game just seems like a poor attempt to act like a Pokemon game. Especially when half the time you are simply trying to figure how many moves you can make to avoid battling the creatures which usually move once after you move once in a room. The DNA Digivolution is interesting but frustrating and complete guesswork if you don't have some sort of player's guide.

There are a few mechanics which I have beef with, one being the limit of powers as well as other confines with regards to how many dDgimon one can have to experiment with (different DNA combos, power sets, etc.) The Digivolution system is also irritating and can cause you to miss learning powers or exit a dungeon because your #1 Digimon is ready to D-volve

Some elements may even leave a bad taste in the most die hard digi-fanatics' mouths as the premise of thew game strays so very far away from basic concepts of the digital world. (No Digidestined/real world link, dungeons full of wild Digimon, villains unrelated to any shows, what the heck are Guard Teams?)

All the many bad things aside, this game will still appeal to some fans of Digimon and even those who just want to another turn based RPG to fill a many-houred void in their life.

The battle system is dated, but as enjoyable as old school final fantasy stuff. The dungeons and related game components are miserable, and monotonous, but I feel that way about all dungeon crawlers, so I think that just comes with the genre. Oh, and I forgot to mention the graphics. There are about 4 animations you will see in this game and they would all be graphically impressive if this game were for the Sega Genesis: 1 for battles, 1 for dialogue, 1 for moving around in your Digi-beetle (the most ridiculous concept ever), and 1 for the few poorly produced CG cinemas in this film.

In conclusion, not a good game, but it isn't trying to be. It's a platform pleaser and, despite being disappointed as a gamer, this tided me over till DW 3 came out, which I thought was a huge improvement. It's always fun to Digivolve, the DNA system, while sucky is a fun inclusion of Season 2 material. There is a also a truckload of new Digimon in the dull-dungeon-digital world. If your enough of a Digi-fanboy to own and enjoy the other DW games, this won't be a wasted addition to your collection. I hate my self for saying this, but I love Digimon enough that I bought, played, and even replayed what is a terrible video game but a decent Digimon experience.