a fairly fun game hindered by minor annoyances

User Rating: 6.3 | Digimon World 2 PS
if you like turn based strategies so much that your willing to waste 2 minutes killing a worthless monster 1000 times while trying to go to the boss then you will have overcome the only problem major enough to deserve my attention.Overall the game is great and quite fun and has a decent replay value most of the game will be spent out in dungeons fighting wild digimon to lv up and digivolve.After a while the dungeons get repetitive but thats to be expected.Also the music isnt very good and you hear the same sound effects and background music alot.The dna digivolving system is pretty neat and can be used to obtain maximum power.Hardcore fans will have no problem enjoying this game.I recommend it only to people who like turn based dungeon hacks and digimon a lot,otherwise you should consider another more interesting video game.if your still not sure rent it like i did then if you like it go buy it.