Movie Based Poo Bomb, read this at your own Risk!

User Rating: 1 | Die Hard NES
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Name: Die Hard

Platforms this game is available on: NES/Mobile/C64/TG16

Platform that this game is being reviewed on: NES

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Pack-In Video

Genre: Action

Difficulty: Just Right

Learning Curve: 30 Minutes

Number of Players: 1

Online Players: None

Online Modes: None

Offline Modes: Story Mode

Release Date: 1/1992

ESRB Rating: Not Rated

ESRB Description: Not Rated

Score: 1 out of 10

What the **** is with the trend that movie based video games must suck? How the hell hard is it to make a game that is based on a movie? I mean hell come on the movie is already out, it shouldn't be that hard, your basically copying a movie into a game format. It shouldn't be that ****ing hard! But along comes Die Hard for the NES, Granted yes it does stick close to the movie but I'll admit I couldn't get through the game, it was so ****ing hard. You start off with 15 yes 15 rounds of ****ing ammo. I guess they did that so it would be like it was in the movie but come on how the hell often do you have only 15 rounds in your gun. It's a ****ing game give him a little more so he has a ****ing chance. If I remember right there are 40 crooks in the game, so each floor is broken up among so many crooks. The Control is awful, because it's always top down and I hate those games, it should only be top down if it's a driving game. The game has two power meters that's right 2 you have one for Bruce Willis character and one for his feet, that's right the idiots took the movie so ****ing literal in the movie John McClain's (SP) feet got ****ed up more and more during the game. but really do they have to be this ****ing literal? With these games it's either freaking not literal enough I.E. Back to the future 1-3 or so ****ing literal it's enjoyable like this poo bomb is. Anyway onto the score this game gets a freaking 1 out of 10 because of the controls being so ****ing horrible and the fact that it's top down you can't get the aiming down correctly. Than you have...... you know what I'm not going to get anymore pissed trying to review this game. Play this game at your own freaking risk!