It's a pretty average FPS game with a good story line, but kinda sloppy gameplay.

User Rating: 7 | Die Hard: Vendetta GC
I thought this was a pretty good game, but the gameplay was sloppy. There was a lot of unecessary swearing like when you shoot the window for the pool club in Hollywood Boulevard. The levels were fun, but some of them just dragged on for way too long. Some of the stealth parts and hostage parts were just stupid and hard to figure out. Levels like Nakotomi Plaza and Century City Police Station were really fun for me. One thing that this game could have used is multiplayer. That would've been pretty fun. I thought that the graphics could've been a bit better. (everyone looked like they had Down's Syndrome) I would say buy this game, but only of you can find it for $10 or less. ( I bought it for $4) If Die Hard Vendetta has a sequel, I hope it will be a little bit better, and with a better ending to.