If you can get past the sometimes sloppy gameplay, there's a pretty good action FPS.

User Rating: 7.5 | Die Hard: Vendetta GC
There really aren't too many mature rated games for the Gamecube, which makes this game even more under-rated than it already is, in my opinion.

I've read the other reviews about this game, and after playing this game for myself, I've come to the conclusion that people like to dwell on the negative. Yes, the gameplay in Die Hard: Vendetta is somewhat weak at times. But this game does have several strong points, which have gone all but unmentioned.

First is the story. The story achieves perfectly what it was set out to be, an all out, sometimes far-fetched action centric foray into the life of John McClane. The story is well written and managed to keep me engaged throughout the game. The lines are well written. They're kept mature, but the writers didn't overdo it with the profanity, and the lines are very suitable for John McClane.

The visuals are so-so. Nothing great, but I've definitely seen worse. The sounds are good, and the voice acting is overall very good. Reginald Vel Johnson, who played Al in the Die Hard movies, voiced for his character. Unfortunately, Bruce Willis is nowhere to be heard. And the voice actor for John McClane sounds nothing like him, although he does do a good job with the role.

The only real weak points in the game are the gameplay at times, and the saving. There are nowhere near enough save points, and there are quite a few trial & error situations, and this leads to some frustration. The gameplay, mostly the aiming, is bad. Fortunately, there is an auto aim feature, which I highly recommend. It's truely required if you want to enjoy this game. There is an auto jump feature too. It does come in handy at times, but the best thing about this feature is that you can disable it. There are times when it just doesn't do what you want it to do, and leads to your demise.

All in all, if you're a fan of the Die Hard movies, I think you're in for a pleasant surprise if/when you play this game. And if you're not a fan, but you just like FPS's, this game is definitely worth playing.