This game is really bad and I hope you don't make a mistake like I did in buying this game.

User Rating: 2 | Die Hard: Vendetta GC
At first I bought this game and I thought to myself "wow its an fps I think its gonna be good". WRONG. This games graphics are crappy, I must say, and the storyline feels really weird, stupid, and boring (I'm not really sure if there is any kind of a storyline, maybe you're just running around shooting...stuff..). You're kinda in an environment with like terrorists or something and doing spy moves in fps or so (such as grabbing someone), but it feels kinda dumb (not sure how to describe it, but when u do it, it kinda feels weird how u pull it off and stuff). Since I'm sure you have a computer (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this in the first place, am i correct?) maybe try to find some shooter for your computer rather than get this game since it'll at least satisfy you more than this game.