Its not horrible but could have been better.

User Rating: 6 | Die Hard: Vendetta GC
Die Hard Vendetta is pretty mediocre game FPS for the Gamecube. Many people make it sound like its one of the worse games of all, I wouldnt say it is but i wouldnt say its the best either. Controls/Gameplay- 5
I want to start on this one right away. This game needed to improve the controls. The aiming is horrible. Think of Red Orchestra with a crosshair that centers right when you let go of the C-stick. I would have much prefered it would be centered at all times like in other FPS games. But what makes it playable is that it adds in Auto-aim.

Graphics - 8
I must say this game took good advantage of the Gamecube. The textures are look great, models are built pretty good, and adds in bump mapping. The downside of the graphics would have to be that some levels looked somewhat incomplete. At times you can see lines on the wall and the lighting dosen't go how it should at times.

Sound - 9
Everything sounds how it should, weapons are basic like. I like the music during the bullet time part, so that makes its pretty fun.

Overall - 6 The game is all right, don't be intimadated but what other reviewers saying its one of the worse games ever. If you see this in a bargain bin (most likely it will be, bought it for $3) pick it up if u still have your Gamecube lying around.