Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Cheats For PC

  1. Game Fixes: God Mode, No Clipping --(DEMO Verison)--

    To Have 'No Clipping' During Game Play. You will need to edit your ''autoexec.cfg'' file.
    use a Text Editor (i.e notepad).
    Change the ''PlayerClip'' ''0'' entry to ''PlayerClip'' ''1''.
    Just remember that you cann't Turn any of these off until you change it in the .cfg file.

    Also you can Have God Mode on. Just Change the ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''1'' entry to ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''0''.

    And You can Make the Bad Guys In God mode too, just Change ''AITakeDamage'' ''1'' to ''AITakeDamage'' ''0''
    But Why you WOuld do This. I have no clue. Enjoy

    Contributed by: HoseHead78 

  2. God Mode (Full Version)

    To get god mode in the full version of Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza you must edit your autoexec file in the Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza file. NOTE: You should open the file with NOTEPAD. Now go to where it says:

    ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''1''

    Now change it to ''PlayerTakeDamage'' ''0''

    You can also make the bad guys have god mode too.

    Just change ''AITakeDamage'' ''1'' to ''AITakeDamage'' ''0''

    Contributed by: Lethal Weapon 

  3. Bad Guys Die Easy

    In the Die Hard game directory, open the autoexec.cfg and look for the line:
    Change the line to:
    This will make all enemies take more damage, therefore they die a lot faster

    Contributed by: UnknownMercenary 

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