Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats For DS

  1. Super Boost

    Before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon, let go of the acceleration button to get a much stronger longer lasting boost then normal

    Contributed by: yosouf06 

  2. Answers to sand puzzle

    Near the lighthouse, theres a location where you can use the stylus to draw puzzles in the sand. If you draw a balloon, you'll get a golden balloon. If you draw a pentagon, you'll get a scratch card. If you draw a coin (small circle shape) you can get 10 coins, but you can do this up to four times.

    Contributed by: Alastorr 

  3. Unfreeze the balloon

    In the ice area of the overworld map theres a balloon stuck in a block of ice. Using the DS's touch screen pad, you can slide it down into the water to unfreeze it, then follow it down the river to the beach where it melted to collect it.

    Contributed by: Alastorr 

  4. Coconut tree coins

    Some trees allow you to launch coconuts using the DS's touch screen. If you launch them at the wall they will create cracks in the wall, and for a short period of time coins will pop out of them.

    Contributed by: Alastorr 

  5. Unlock Coin Challenge for new levels (Thunder Cove, Meandering Mount, Splashdown Pass, & Strangled Shrine)

    Get a Gold Rank on all Balloon Touch Challenges in Adventure to play Coin Challenge for the 4 brand new levels.
    To play Coin Challenge Mirror for these levels get a Gold Rank on all Balloon Touch Challenges in Adventure 2.

    Contributed by: JKiii 

  6. Wizpig Portrait In Log.

    In the log, (Near where you start the game) is a picture of Wizpig. If you use your stylus to draw around the outline of the portrait, the wall will crumble and a small area will open up. In this area is a scratch card.

    Contributed by: dady5000 

  7. Unlock Adventure 2

    Complete everything in Adventure 1. After the second Wizpig race in space and the credits, you'll unlock Adventure 2

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Adventure 1 Adventure 2

    Contributed by: jokerz_13 

  8. Unlock the Secret Characters

    There are 4 hidden characters that can be unlocked

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Fling a frog up to the green sillouette shaped frog picture in the world map (To the left of Wizpigs face). Stomp on the frog that comes out Drumstick
    Beat all of his ghosts in Single Player Race. It DOESNT include the new unlockable stages T.T
    Complete Adventure 1 Taj
    Complete Adventure 2 Wizpig

    Contributed by: jokerz_13 

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