review 72

User Rating: 6 | Diablo PC
hello this review is for the gamer who died after 40 hours of diablo
3 for 40 hours without any breaks or sleeping or naps or eating.
2 days with i cant review diablo 3 because it is new maybe
new game junk can review i love video games but i don't
play it for 2 days without sleep or food i take breaks a couple hours
i go outside and hang out.AND I EAT! so yeah i feel sorry for the
gamer but i think the gamer knew it was stupid to do that.i mean
the limit for me of playing video games is like 6 hours once every
2 days.that is not bad and i could get more anyway r.i.p you gamer.
by the way he was what am i gonna review.the worst diablo
in my opinion.this game was released in 1996 and you may be
like that is not old well i reviewed superman 64 which was made in 1998 or 99 most likely 1998.and i reviewed Charles angels back
in don't tell me i cant review a 1996 game.the game is
16 years old and in a couple of months 17.of course this is a rpg
and you fight in it and have combat moves and fight creatures in
weird places which i hope do not come in the zombie Apocalypse.
oh well when the Apocalypse comes i can just shot a zombie in the
head and it would get normal and i would get used to it.the cut scenes are okay and the layout is why am i giving this
game a 6.0 and not a 4.0 well gamers will hate me and not just
that but in some ways this game deserves a 6.0 that is my review
on diablo and i hope the devil on the cover does not eat me.