What an experience!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Diablo PC
I still remember when I first played, it was a demo.

The creepy music got to me instantly, the creepy town too. Was probably one of my first games, and as a kid you get terribly impressed when one of your first experiences is a game like this. I was so afraid to enter that place, especially since the hero looked like some deadbeat. The controls were revolutionary, the smoothness of the gameplay especially. I was farming the skeletons for some items, was so afraid of going in any further. The random dungeon generator was awesome, obviously.

I remember meeting the butcher, when I first heard, FRESH MEAT, I jumped out of my chair. God that guy was terifying, something they completely missed in diablo 3, feels more like a cheesy remake of some 70's classic. But enough diablo III bashing.

This game had it all, the mystery, the awesome combat, the creepiness, the feeling that around every corner you'll meet some disgusting abomination that's waiting to bite your head off.

I have to say I enjoyed the first 5-6 levels the most, after that It got kinda easy and the creepiness wore out.

The ending cinematic was awesome also. Boy what a game...

Definetly worth trying just so you can understand games better, and understand where it all started for the hack n slash genre :D