Diablo 1...the spark that caused the dungeon crawling inferno.

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
Diablo1 is the spark that caused the dungeon crawling inferno. The game is very simple, entertaining and addictive, its hack and slash dungeon crawling that will utterly send your mouse into oblivion from clicking on demons and collecting loot. As you descend and descend and descend into the depths of the cathedral in Tristram you will be besieged by hordes of unholy beasts with only you alone to beat them back and ultimately slay Diablo the Lord of Terror. Diablo 1 has super simple game mechanics that anyone can have fun with. Just point, click and destroy the bad guys...its loads of fun. When you play D1 you will know why this game gave birth to such a powerhouse franchise. Diablo 1 is a true classic if I've ever seen one. When you beat D1 there is also a Hellfire expansion for more content as well. Buy it, play it and enjoy yourself.