The best game for the PC.

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
This is the best game for the PC. I've played the sequels but still the original is the best. It's been more than 15 years since it's release, but this game can still get you hooked for hours and hours. I can still get the chill in my spines when I hear the opening music. And I still take a lot of time building up my character, hunting for objects and memorising all the spells. Ah... I can still remember waking up in the morning on a weekend and glue-ing yourself to the monitor clicking away- and your mom shouting from behind, cursing you for not having breakfast on time. Brings back good old memories.

Ya Diablo 2 was nice, but it didn't have a dark Gothic feel to it. It was more childish. With Diablo 1, I used to stay awake at night, making sure a 'carver' or 'scavenger' wasn't lurking under my bed, but with the sequel it just doesn't have the same feel. Anyone new to the series- play the original- its awesome! Best of luck for Diablo 3.