Diablo Was revolution in it's time, but looks a bit outdated now. and a truly superb game never gets outdated.

User Rating: 8 | Diablo PC
Good things about this game:
1. Gameplay is more addictive than heroin.
2.Creating a new subgenre for RPG's.[action RPG]
3.Great atmosphere.
4.Classes are completely different.
5.very challenging gameplay.
6,Awesome voice casting.
7.Tristram music is the best music track I have ever heard during a game.
8.Tough enemies at the end of the game make you feel awesome when you kill even one of them.[it makes you feel you have done a great job.]
9.evrything in this game is randomly created.[even quests] it makes you feel completely different if you play a new game with new class.
10.Diablo tells an intresting story from a cliche subject.[ attacking of hell forces isn't something new.]
Bad things about this game:
1.Graphis aren't good in the artistic matter.{Monkey island 2 had better graphics than this game!]
2.Playing this game with sorcerer is crucial. because sorc always lacks mana.
3.repetitive sometimes.
4.your character often dies unfair.
5.Your character can't run.{ but I think this problem was solved in hellfire expansion]
6.Randomness in this game may sometimes cause unfair situations.
7.This game looks like a bit outdated.
8.Odd ending.[But in diablo 2 you understand every thing]
9.Except tristram music, other musics are not so good.

last word: If you don't have problem with old games and haven't played this game yet go and buy it. it's fun.