THE hack and slash game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
I still remember when i was younger and played this, i had so much fun so many hours spend trying to level my character to make him the best of the best!
So after talking with my friends for a while i decided to return. This game is very old-school very! But then again its THE hack and slash game.

If you like pure hack and slash, older art, good quality for its age and the most important! you like to have fun! Then this is the game for you! Its easy to learn, easy to master and it can bring you many hours of fun! Even more if you play with friends!

Now note that i suggest you try to stick to friends because blizzard have left Diablo out and there for there is alot of cheaters on But nothing is more fun playing with your friends and then fight a nice pvp battle to see who is strongest!