If you call yourself a gamer you should play this game

User Rating: 9 | Diablo PC
Let me start this review by saying that I miss my copy of Diablo and Diablo II. These two games were really ground breaking for the profusely apathetic 90's. Thinking back, other than The Simpsons, Married with Children and grunge rock there wasnt much else to entertain me. Then Blizzard strolled into my life introducing me to Diablo, Diablo II, Star Craft and later the wallet shrinking WoW. The game itself will come off as grainy and most of you will not consider it gory or scary in any way shape or form compared to todays nausea inducing horror fest but when you play it, and you should play it, you have to put yourself in mid 90's gameology. Just a year or two before this game the President of the United Sates held a press conference to complain about the status quo of this country and made a point to say that The Simpsons was part of the problem with America. This game was an interactive trip to hell. You are fighting demons in a downward spiral through dungeons and torture chambers. This was the 20th centuries' version of Dantes' Inferno, which you should also experience and read. Yes, put the contoller down and pick up a book once in a while. The loot factor in this game is also memorable. The amount of gold and weapons and armor is almost overwhelming but you get used to it and it also makes the game fun. The game follows the usual progression of increasing difficulty as you progrees down the rabbit hole and actually can become very difficult to the point of audible anger. Other than that this is a classic and must own game. I started this review by making it clear that I missed my copy of this game so if any of you are feeling generous and would like to donate your game to an old gamer such as myself it would be much appreciated. As always...Keep gaming.