A classic PC game comes to the PS1, but doesn't quite translate the same.

User Rating: 7.5 | Diablo PS
This classic PC game comes to the PS1. Overall the transition looks good but there were a few flaws and nitpicks I had with this.

First, the game saves take up nearly an entire memory card on it's own. PS1 memory cards are only around 15 slots and it takes the entire card to save character/date/game information on it, for this game. This rather limits the enjoyability factor of it. Especially if you like playing the different classes. In order to do that you will either need multiple memory cards to play each class or you will have to whipe out the old progress with the new.

Second, unless you can micromanage some of the dropped items from kills, you will end up short on money to fund potions/weapons/equipment towards the end. I found this rather daunting and a distraction from my enjoyment towards the end of the game. Having to backtrack through the numerous levels to try and find something to sell was not fun.

And lastly, I can't go after multi-player because online play did not arrive until the PS2.

However, if you can get past all those things, you will find a nicely transitioned game that made it one of the better PC to PS1 games.