Ahh.. This game brings just good memories!

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
I think it was back in 1996 when i first played the demo version of diablo.
In my opinion the best thing in diablo was that mood!! It was something unforgettable.
I remember my first time playing it, I lived still in northeast Finland and it was cold night (-30 C) and there was full moon. that mood and the music of tristram comes back to my mind every time when there is cold night with full moon..
That was now maybe too much about the mood but i cant help it.
Then there was long wait to get the full version.

And it was even better. That feeling in the game was awesome first time i played with PC something what felt like a finished game!!
Everything was right.. Playability was something unseen..
I cant find more words for this game but try it.. it is still not too late for playing this game even though it is already 15 years old.