for once gamespot is right.

User Rating: 9 | Diablo PC
YOU SHOULD OWN A COPY. anybody who doesn't own a copy or know what diablo is is not a true gamer! this is a classic..a masterpiece..this is DIABLO..i inherited it from my father when i was 8 (long time ago)..i would spend countless nights playing this..but let me tell you why this game is epic and known so well..despite how old this is it's still a classic here's why.


#1 it's set in a magical

#2 point and clicking has never been so much fun.

#3 tons of monsters to fight.

#4 dungeons add a creepy atomsphere.

#5 classes are different.

#6 the music is nice and creepy :)

#7 interesting choice of spells.

#8 character dialogue is chosen well.

#9 the bosses are epic and are very well. (a.k.a the butcher.)

#10 i can't descibe's so awesome.

BAD STUFF..:( < three total>

#1 only 3 classes..

#2 it kinda makes you feel nerdy.

#3 outdated graphics.


THIS game is epic..and just epic's hard to descibe the sorry but the levels the monsters..just an instant classic..nothing brings a tear to my eye..if you want an classic,fun, and partilly easy game..then look no further diablo is for you..there really is nothing wrong about this game..the storyline is much and yet so little time..just give it a try and you'll see why it's hard to describe.