"Ahhhhh... fresh meat!"

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
-Practically defined the hack-and-slash genre by successfully implementing a random dungeon system, endless hordes of monsters, and a wide variety of loot.
-One of the best video game soundtracks ever. The song for Tristram in particular is very chilling and underscores the apprehension of heading back down into the dungeons below.
-Monster variety is excellent and at times unpredictable. It's easy to be walking around carefree one minute only to be suddenly ambushed and surrounded by a horde of horned demons the next. This also lends to the overall suspense and fear associated with the game. A fairly scary game for it's time. The boss design is also excellent.
-Three very different classes to choose from, each force you to develop a different set of tactics when fighting.
-Isometric graphics paved the way for Diablo 2 and a lot of other great titles.
-A few simple quests make the gameplay a little more interesting.

-I found the warrior class to be much easier to learn and beat the game with over the rogue and particularly the wizard. The problem with the wizard is that many monsters in the lower levels have strong magic resistances or complete immunity, rendering you virtually helpless.
-Spamming the button for heal potions can easily become a bit overused.
-The story is a little underdeveloped, but who are we kidding, players love this game for the combat and a complex storyline isn't necessary.