Diablo is one of those rare gems that didn't impress me.

User Rating: 6.5 | Diablo PC
Diablo is a fun and extremely addictive game. At first. Towards the end, Diablo becomes quite repetitive and tedious. Grumble grumble snow witches grumble grumble hell spawn grumble grumble.


Simple. Click and keep your left hand on the hotkeys for health and mana. The point and click controls can be troublesome a times, like when you have a horde of snow witches and hell spawn shooting magic balls of light at you. The game also doesn't have a main focus; a direct objective. You get little hints here and there from reading books, but there is hardly a quest directive. The game could have been a hell allot better if they had done this. I only found where I was supposed to go when

#1- I read a guide
#2- looked it up on YouTube
#3- wandered around the map for an hour


I normally say that graphics don't matter. And that's true, but this game looks ugly. This doesn't take away from the gameplay value, but the game looks bad even for the 90s. I can honestly say that this game looks like something from the 80s.


Simple combat and controls, game is very addictive and the voice acting sounds fairly well.

Cons: Towards the end, the game is extremely tedious from doing the same thing and killing the same three enemies over and over again.


The game could have been better if they added more quest objectives and locations. Fan boys, don't kill me. Message me if you've got any comments.