beyond all expectations

User Rating: 9.5 | Diablo PC
Hello my friend, stay a while and listen... magic words.
I take time to write a review on this game, altough is is a bit late, but I belive that it deserves a mention of honor, since it is one of the best games ever created.
This game brings all kinds of recalls, of times, when i was studying at Moscow University of Steel & Alloys.. I have spent huge amount of time playing this game with my fellas. entire nights, fighting beasts & demons deep beneath the church of Tristram..
Year after I played this game again & again... It is impossible to get tired of this game.
The game is extemely addictive: it makes you spend entire days in front of your PC. besides of gameplay, beyond imagination, the control of Diablo is extremely easy.... just mouse. so you can relax in your chair, with a cup of beer, clicking on beasts. hehehehe and listening to old preast.

Diablo II was a great sequel, exceeding all expactations.

I have a lot of expactations with Diablo III & hope it won`t take too long to be released.