Awesome game hindered by one thing....

User Rating: 9 | Diablo III PC
Diablo 3 is a great game with many, many good qualities about it and one very annoying detail that prevents me from giving this game a perfect score.

The graphics are good. They are your basic Blizzard cartoony graphics you have come to expect in their games. If you like them already then you will find them just fine in this game. However if you prefer more realistic "Crysis" type of graphics, look elsewhere.

The gameplay is also good. I found playing the game very enjoyable. As you run around and destroy demons and other monsters you gain experience and level up. Every level you gain allows you to pick some new abilities for your character. I have played mostly with the Witch Doctor and have found every new ability exciting and fresh (even if I choose not to use them).

The Replay Value is great. This game will give you something to occupy your mind for months to come depending on how long it takes you to beat the game and your playstyle. You have 5 completely different classes to choose from: Demon Hunter (ranged), Barbarian (melee), Wizard (ranged), Witch Doctor (ranged) and Monk (melee). Each one has a ton of different abilites to unlock as you level them up. So playing through the game 5 times (once for each class) will be new and exciting. Also the areas are all randomly generated so every time you run through that same dungeon, the route will be different or enemies will be mixed up or chests will be located somewhere else. Also if you want to stick it out with the same character, there are 4 difficulty levels (normal, nightmare, hell and inferno) that you can continue leveling up with. And for the most BA players there is a Hardcore mode. In Hardcore if your character dies its gameover.....literally.

The Story is awesome. One of my favorite things about the Diablo series personally. I really enjoyed all the twists and turns the story took and found the cinematics to be quite well done.

And finally to the downside. The one thing that really bothered me about the game was the online only requirement. This doesnt really affect me as my internet is stable and I never play on the typical Tuesday Maintenance anyways, however the bits of lag and the random kicks can be very detrimental for those playing the harder difficulty, Especially Hardcore mode. I find the ability to chat with my friends while playing pretty cool however I rarely do as im busy playing the game. For those that play with friends then the online only is great but for those wanting to play alone, its not needed.