Over-hyped, over-simplified version of the previous godlike franchise of Diablo

User Rating: 4 | Diablo III PC
Diablo 3 is everything wrong with the industry, the price is higher than normal because the greedy developers knew people would still buy it, the gameplay is stagnated and boring, and is an overtly simplified version of the previous game, the graphics cartoonish and soulless. It requires constant online connection to play, and has legalised the Pay2Win auction house.

-No character customization, no more attribute points to distribute, which would easily make the game a little deeper. And skills unlock automatically as you level you.
-Legalized gold selling as well as what looks to be a pay-to-win auction house and the auction house will support character selling.
-You get kicked out of your own single player game for being AFK. And your logouts are also timed for single player.
-World PvP removed and the only PvP options are some sort of WoW
-Clone arena. And that will not even release on Day 1.
-If you care about Voice Acting, it's terrible compared to D2.
-Check points that revive you from exactly where you left off. -Region lock. DRM that requires you to always be online.
-Graphics look like re-done WoW graphics and with them maxed out, this game could of een released along side WoW back in 04. This is 2012 ... Although there is that screen mod that maxes Diablo III look boss
-More than half the screen glows red when you are low on health. -Fixed class specific gear that looks EXACTLY like the ones in WoW but not only is that a problem, that means when they finally release the PvP you are going to be fighting people looking exactly like you. No uniqueness what so ever.