A Classic Reborn

User Rating: 10 | Diablo III PC
The games engine is beautiful optimized. The visuals are artistic and blend well together. The sound and musical score is immersive. The interfaces is simple and intuitive, there is no need for advanced tutorials on how to play, the game teaches you by actually playing it and you learn through experience and discovery. The skills sets are hot swappable so that you can adapt to the flux of battle and mob types. The overall focus of this game is on the fun of killing and blowing up hordes of evil spawn with god-like power from the beginning. Play, have fun. And with all the classes and skill combinations there should be replay value for quite some time. If you have never played Diablo before, I think this would be a great entry point into the series. The game offers a little bit of everything, you have classic RPG elements, Real time strategy and tactics, lots of loot and you'll never know what you'll find and when. Many factors that make playing a little different each time. I would personally recommend giving this game a shot.