You are the real Lord of Terror in this game

User Rating: 6 | Diablo III PC

If you feel like spending a couple of evenings rampaging through a rich fantasy environment while enjoying an entertaining story and watching great cutscenes, this is the game for you. Yes, I said "rampaging" because "fighting" is too generous a term for what happens in this game. I played as a Demon Hunter on the Hard difficulty, and I never even came close to dying. No matter how many demons surrounded me, pretty much all I had to do was press the button for the power I felt like using and enjoy the fireworks. And I'm not saying it isn't fun — it was pretty much what I needed at the time — but I would have liked the boss fights, at least, to offer some challenge. It gets kind of ridiculous when you find the Lord of Terror (who looks more like Alien, by the way, for some weird reason) about as intimidating as an annoying mosquito. If you are looking for a game that will test your skills, even Minesweeper would be a better choice. If you want to simply blow off steam by slaughtering some demons in spectacular ways, this is what the doctor ordered.