Now this is the diablo 3 the PC version should of been 3 years ago.

User Rating: 9 | Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4

After platinuming and thoroughly enjoying diablo 3 for the ps3, I reluctantly picked this up. I had diablo 3 for pc and felt that buying it a 3rd time was a little redundant. However, over the frustration of the unfinished game that was diablo 3 for pc, I received a refund so technically this was the second time.

I recently platinumed Reaper of souls as well. Those 500 bounties were my last trophy and took hours to complete. I wish diablo kept track of hours played. Oh well. The console version is full of hacked items online. Which I don't mind, even with the less powerful hacked items TORMENT 6 was barely doable. Some of the items I saw on other people were just plain cheap and made it impossible for them to die, and made it so they could 1 shot bosses. Not me, with my humble hacked gear. I couldn't imagine playing legit. Possible in torment 2-5 maybe. That's how I played. But when you're tired of grinding and doing the same things over and over again, who cares? A buddy of mine just gave me all the gear and gems I needed.

As for the latest patches. I joked that it took Blizzard 12 years (from diablo 2) to get their game formula right. Instead of playing 4 difficulties. Normal, nightmare, hell and inferno, you simply play through the entire story once. That's right kids, the monsters level as you level and depending on the difficulty you play on you may beat the game at level 50 or 60. Hot dog, not playing a game 4 times to hit 70? About time blizzard. Then there's the end game, continue grinding away in rifts to get better gear for bragging rights or whatever. But as far as I could see it was pretty pointless with 99% of the community being hacked.