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HI everyone. I just got Diablo 3 for the PS3. I need some help with my wizard. I'm at level 39. I just unlocked nightmare and am playing it on Mastery V. What are good stats for a Wizard and which do I need to pay attention to? My strength is only 73 and my Intelligence is 1023. Which stats do I need to focus on the most? Also I have a lot of equipment that gives extra experience per kill so I can level up faster. Is this pointless and I need to focus on another buff? Also I'm kinda lost on what spells are good. I really like the Ice Storm and Diamond skin. i've been using the Hydra and Mirror Image. What would be good for my build and also I see everyone using arcane spells over and over. Do I need to focus on Arcane increase over experience. I'm so lost.