Why does Diablo 3 go down all the time?

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If I wanted something to go down all the time, I would have spent the $60 bucks on my girlfriend.  Blizzard, meet me at Camera 3 - What the hell are you doing over there?  Are you just now taking down the Oregon Trail Apple IIe cluster to make room for Diablo 3 servers?  Did you finally realize that a Commodore 64 was way better than an Atari 2600 and the staff was so blown away that they let their doobies fall to the floor and an entire server farm burned to the ground in the process?  

I realize that I'm grasping for straws here, but the whole community cannot understand what you are doing.  Do we need to wheel in Stephen Hawking for an equation to make sense of this gaming blackhole?  As far as my blackhole is concerned there is no numbers needed, just pucker up and kiss it, Blizzard!

Please just make a patch to play this thing offline - I don't care if you stated in an interview that you believe that the gaming experience is better the way you designed it, but who are you to tell us what is a great gaming experience?  It's up to the individual customer (duh) who do you think you are?  The top 1%?  (oh, you do).  I think we all can agree, Blizzard included, that THIS particular experience ranks up there with going to the DMV, getting a root canal with no anesthesia because you can't afford any - spending you last dollar on a certain game from Blizzard, or telling your Mom to keep it down while you talk to a girl on Skype that you just met through eHarmony.


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PS - I know Hell is a hot fiery place, but um...since your Blizzard - could we have a couple of snowflakes...what's that?  Requires more downtime?  Ok, I'd just settle for a working game....

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Offline mode is wanted but will never happen.  Also i have not seen it go down in a few days.  It seems they have fixed most of the problems there with a few disconnects still happening.


With offline mode you could burn the game for a friend.  Forcing you to use battle id helps keep fake copies out.

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What an absolutely ill-concieved, absurd and disorganized original post. I can only believe that the OP was either high or trolling. Nobody can be this grossly misinformed or foolish. Even an extremely immature person (as the OP clearly is) should have more sense than this.

Oh well.

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It is going down all the time because it JUST came out, you fool. Did you really, honestly believe that when all those people jumped on the servers it would actually work worth a damn? Take all the time you need to think about that.
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Trolling?  Really?  Misinformed?  Really? Battlenet went down for 8 hours for "scheduled" maintenance.  (Again) - It constantly kicks you out while you are playing Diablo 3.  

Note to the future readers.  If you do not understand all of the words in a post or of someone using sarcasm as a form of humor then tell your mommy to get the dictionary down from the high shelf and look things up.  I guess now that I think about...you were the one who was trolling...dammit - you got me.

The Diablo launch was a huge disappointment to a lot of people, just look at the forum.  But hey...if you're happy with stuff that doesn't work as advertised then by all means.

As for the poster saying the patch will never happen...thanks for generating discussion.  I happened to disagree on the patch, but only if the mass public wants something like that.  Perhaps if there are no more problems, then they won't need to because everyone will be happy.

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Awww - did i think it would work?  Nope not one bit.  However they advertised that it would.  My PC works fine.  Single player without an internet connection would work just fine on my PC.  Take all the time you need to think about that.

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I have not even bought the game yet because I am educated, experienced and mature enough to know how this dance goes. God, I have been through it so many times with MMOs and a couple other similair online experiences. Common sense goes a long way too.