Wheres the expansion? LOL

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After seeing how much cleaner the ps3 version looks I am almost annoyed at how limited the inventory system is on PC... Shame Diablo 3 is a short, delayed too long rushed game, I have high hopes for the expansion(I am sure my expectations wont be met, but then again we will see..). Goes to show you how well strat marketing works, 2 AAA Fantasy RPG's over a 4 year period will sell 100% more likely then 12 every year LOL. Overall I like Diablo 3 but I hate how bad they rushed it together, 2 had the recipe down, wish they would have left it alone. Nice to see PS 3 is getting back the loot roots... way too short. and pushing off the DRM onto everyone without a Diablo based product over 12 years just silly. BLIZZARD makes excellent games though, I have a large respect for their talents and look forward to the future of more fantasy products from them. I hope they drop codename Titain and stick with what WE love:)