What happened to her!? (SPOILERS)

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So as you all know, if you've completed the game, Leah contains such evil power. You kill Diablo at the end, what happened to Leah!? Maybe I didn't pay enough attention to the end... but I'm pretty sure it never mentioned anything about Leah?

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She's dead as far as I know. Tyreal makes this clear after Diablo storms the High Heavens he says something along the lines "Adria sacrficed her own daughter to unleash Diablo".

From what I understand having not played previous Diablo games, in D1 the protagonist defeats Diablo and attempts to contain it within himself (called the dark wanderer). Adria seduces him and Leah is born for the reason of making Diablo the Prime Evil.

So Diablo is technically Leah's father. Leah is kept with her Uncle till her power comes to fruition. She is used to unleash Diablo and dies in the process.

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Ahhh right thank you for that :D I understood that Diablo was her father and all, just wondered where she is now aha. Back in 2008, apparently Blizzard had promised Diablo 3 would not be the last in the series, perhaps Adria will return in Diablo 4... Just a thought.

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Skip to 1:04 if you don't want to watch the full cinematic.

Leah's soul was lost at the end of Act III when Adria used the Black Soul Stone to transfer the prime evils into Leah's body. Leahs body was destroyed at the beginning of Act IV in the cut scene I showed you by Imperius when Diablo/Legion/Prime Evils attempt to enter Heaven in Leah's body.

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Kind of disappointed at Blizzard for not giving a closure to Leah at the end of the game. You'd think with all the millions of dollars and 8 years of development time Blizzard could put a little more effort into the story, especially the ending.

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weak story indeed,but they could always later on make something up how she is alive again

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The lost soul can still be found. If the body was destroyed, then it would be a little difficult. Putting the soul into another body just does not sit right with me.

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It was abrupt, but I thought it was pretty clear that her soul and body were both destroyed by Adria and Diablo.