Useful D3 Auction House apps for iPhone and iPad

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Hi all! I just wanna share this to the D3 community. I have  been looking for useful D3 apps for the AH and found these : 1. Guesstimator - estimates rare loot prices. Haven't found any other apps like this one . Helped me a lot in selling my rare loots . for iPhone for iPad 2. Auction tools - good app with a  nice interface . It lets u set alarms for your auctions . Has a DPS Calculator also. Other useful apps: 1.  Ally for diablo 3 - nice database of items, strats , farming routes, class builds, etc. only downside is the in-app purchase of additional content 2. Gold Max - another nifty tool that lets you compare and maximize your gold farming runs . I know there are many other apps out there, if you find something useful just add to this thread!