This myth that Diablo 2 if you misplaced skill points BROKE characters..

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Needs to stop.  Im posting in gamespot because I dont like IGN's forums; i just saw IGN's second opinion and this myth that "Oh, its all about accessibility, if you misplaced a single skill point in D2 you might have to reroll."


WTF are they talking about?  Ya, if you misplaced 20 skill points, you might break a character.. But this myth that there were so many useless skills that people invested in just needs to stop.


Sorry, just, im aggravated by this narrative theyve created that the game has no customization for accesbility reasons.  It has no customization because Blizzard wanted to simplify the game, NOT because D2 had a problem.


Just had to get this out there, have a good day dudes.