Skill Collocation Guide: Demon Hunter

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Note: Since the official release of Diablo 3 is on May 15, there will be changes on skill system. The guide is just for reference and may be only suitable for beginners. In special occasions, it may be unable to carry you through and please switch to suitable skills at any time. Demon Hunters, which attracted the best features of Amazon and Assassin in Diablo 2, have become a new class. Demon hunters focus on ranged combat and limited melee skills. They use traps to soften the enemies up, and then jump to ensure the distance which can kill them easily. Demon Hunters are quite proficient at ranged skills. The Demon Hunter has a fairly complicated resource system compared to the other classes. There are two total types of resources that are consumed in order to use its abilities: Hatred and Discipline. The cooldown of Hatred is very quick and can generate by skills, which is mainly consumed by damage skills (like Multishot). Discipline returns slowly, which relies on it for every defensive maneuver trapping enemies in place, vaulting out of the way of teeth and claws, and dodging hails of spines and arrows. Once you can symmetrically use Hatred and Discipline, you can play very well. The skill choices of Demon Hunter are as follows, Smoke Screen: Similar to Rogue in WoW, vanish behind a wall of smoke, becoming momentarily invisible for 2 seconds. As the high cost of Discipline, we suggest you to use rune, which extend the casting time. Once plus the nature cooldown time, its like there is no cooldown. Vault: Kiting, escape or defensive skills, you may ask whats the differences between escape and defensive. Actually they are completely different. Escape skills are used when you are going to be in danger and you can escape in shortest time. But defensive is already in danger, we can use Smoke Screen twice plus Vault, which decrease the cost of Discipline. With the two skills above and Runestone, we can kill all the monsters without dead. We need to choose the right skills for ourselves. Marked for Death, this is a huge DPS skill, marking an enemy to take an extra 20% damage over 30 seconds. Kiting means hit and run. However, if you think youre already smart enough then Diablo 3 makes it a bit difficult to kite. Once you have your active skills, make sure you choose Passive Skills that augment them. Anything that increases movement speed is a must, so Hot Pursuit is very popular, as is Archery for its increase in damage output and Critical damage from key weapons. Sharp Shooter is also good because of increased critical outputs. Remember too that you must balance Discipline generation a good build must remain balanced to keep you alive.