Say the server issues are ironed out...

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I am playing D3 on a Guest Pass, and so far have really enjoyed the experience.

However, I lag. HUGE lag between anything I do and its execution. Sometimes it doesn't lag, and those moments are just so precious, it doubles the fun.

Now, let's say Blizzard irons out the server issues in a week or two. BUT, since the game is technically ONLINE all the bloody time, the single player will lag if I start a download? If so, D3 is a no purchase for me. I cannot play the game on my home PC because my family are on downloads all the time. Same at office.

This is just so incredibly stupid.

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I believe you are correct.

When I first heard you always had to be online, I assumed every x number of minutes, it'd make sure you were online.  Then I heard everything is saved in the cloud and realized it was more than that.

However, since playing the game, it's pretty apparent to me the game is ran on the WoW engine and behaves overall like a MMO, client/server wise.   This works out well for them since it keeps them in complete control and allows things like the Auction House to functionality similiar to in a MMO.  

What it means to the average player is instead of thinking of it as a single player/coop experience, think of it as any other online game you've played in terms of your connection, just without any of the benefits of an MMO (aside from an auction house used to make Blizzard money).

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i think they let you play on diff servers and there is always a server up because i was playing earlier and the server shut down then i just hit resume for the hell of it and it took me right back to playing