Really wish they hadnt gone the greed based route, and had added Lan/offline

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=( Didnt think Id care all that much but Im starting to

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I had no idea single player games would be affected by server mantainance. I would like to be able to

play at my convienience. Frustrating.

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Exactly.. as someone who works 3rd shift, its outragesouly annoying to come home.. start up the game, and see the damn server maintance notice in the bottom corner... AGAIN. 

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I REALLY disliked this feature about the game more than anything else... Playing offline ensures I can play whenever I want, but also it ensures I wont have any preformances issues due to server connectablility... I really disliked this about blizzard.

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Like anything in life, you can thank the hackers and software pirates for the way the industry has gone. Paying for the sins of others. You call it greed when really its just smart buisness. When you spend 100 of millions of dollars creating a product, your damn sure going to protect that investment.


A lot of people stopped playing D2 becuase of the number of hacks out there me being one of them.


The server maintnece issues are what they are. Name one big game release that has not had issues the first few weeks of release because of the sheer volume of players. Does it sucks, yes. Do i still play and enjoy the hell out of it, YES. An online connection (which most people are connected to the internet all the time anyhow) is not going to stop the thrill and enjoyment of a great game. Saddly many people rate games today based of silly crap like internet connection and real money AH. To bad a black market AH would of happened anyhow.....