My account was stolen

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Someone changed my email address login info for Bnet with out my knowledge. I sent blizzard a ticket and they asked for the first 6 CD key numbers for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. I gave them the keys and they said they would email me back. But it's been 5 hours now and still nothing.

Did anybody else have this happen to them? Is their a time delay for the emails? Im locked out of Diablo 3 , Starcraft 2 and WoW.

I changed every single password i own since then and scanned for log keys but it showed up nothing.



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Email took half a day. When i got it had to phone blizzard before they would change everything back. This was something i could have lived without.

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Yes, I had the same thing happen. I called them directly & we fixed it on the spot, (although I waited on hold for about 30 mins). Now I use an autheticator to keep this issue from happening again. If you have a smart phone or IPad, I'd suggest doing the same. It's free.

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Dude I hed the same problem and I emailed them but they didn't respond and it has been 2 week's ago and I don't care anymore. And I live in a country that if I call them i am going to pay more that the game prize. Don't bother emailing those noobs